Service Areas


MET Coaches provide high quality transportation services to a wide range of public and private schools, companies and individuals. We cover most of North London, West London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and into Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Included in these areas are:

Whatever your situation, MET Coaches can provide luxury transportation for you and your group. Your travel experience with us will exceed your expectations as all of our vehicles are luxurious and in the best possible condition. Our seats are comfortable with minibuses having soft material seats and coaches having leather ones, all fitted with sturdy seat belts for your safety and protection. Boredom won’t be an issue as some of our executive coaches are equipped with audio-visual entertainment. And with some coaches carrying on-board toilets and kitchens, your long distance trip will be a breeze.

  • Public/private schools - School or class trips aren’t the only reason to hire a MET coach. Inter-school (both sport and educational) competitions will also require a means of transport, something we can provide.
  • Clubs - with our services covering such a large area, there are hundreds of different clubs that need transport for a range of events. Our services can be used for local social clubs, school clubs, youth clubs and even sport teams like Watford FC and Saracens RC, who we sponsor.
  • Local businesses - from small businesses with 10 employees to large companies with over 50 employees, businesses will always need a reason to hire a minibus. Our drivers can take you to the next business conference or networking event, team outing or team building exercise.
  • Individuals - planning big group trips to places around the UK can be complicated and a bit daunting. MET Coaches can reduce the complexity of planning by being your means of transport and helping you to get there happy and well rested. Now you can easily organise that huge birthday party for a family member or get everyone to the reception on your wedding day on time.

ImageTravelling with MET Coaches means everyone in your group will arrive on time and together. Our drivers will organise and plan the best route to take to your final destination from your chosen pick up point. Don’t worry if you can’t all meet at the same place, we can pick you up from a limited amount of different spots.

At MET Coaches we believe that it isn’t always about reaching the destination, the journey there is just as important.

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