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MET Coaches Terms & Conditions of Hire


MET provide minibus and coach services under a Standard National Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence as granted by the Department for Transport (The Office of the Traffic Commissioner). We adhere to all rules and regulations that are applicable to this licence in addition to the standard laws of business in England & Wales. All vehicles operated by us meet the licencing and roadworthiness standards which are set by the legislation which governs our industry. All drivers employed by us are qualified and competent to drive the company’s vehicles.

  1. Definitions
  1. The terms ‘Company’, ‘Us’, ‘We’ and ‘Our’ means Minibus Executive Travel Limited which trades as ‘MET’
  2. ‘Client’ and ‘Hirer’ means the organization, individual or agent who contacts the services
  3. ‘Passenger’ means the person or persons being carried on our vehicles
  4. ‘Reservation’, ‘Order’, ‘Job’, and ‘Booking’ means the specification of the requirement from the client to us.
  5. ‘Price’ means an agreed cost of hire for a vehicle to the client
  6. ‘Regulations’ means that we supply/provide coach services based  upon either British Domestic Regulations or European Community Regulations
  7. ‘Tachograph’ means a system by which time, distance, speed and rest on each vehicle during the journey may be recorded
  8. ‘Drivers hours’ refers to the rules and regulations governing the number of hours a driver may drive, requirements for breaks and limits on the total number of working hours
  9. ‘Contract’ means the agreement between us and the client


  1. Law of England – Orders are only accepted subject to the condition that the Law of England shall apply to the contract arising from such order and to the determination of the rights and liabilities of the respective parties and that no action or other proceedings shall be brought by either party in relation to such contract or for damages independent of such contract except in a court of competent jurisdiction in England.
  2. Payment Terms – If, for whatever reason, you wish to cancel your order, the following scale of cancellation charges will apply
  1. Reservations, orders and bookings – with the exception of account customers, the contract will not be considered as offered and will remain provisional until a deposit equivalent to 50% has been received. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE if a cancellation is received 72 hours or less before the hire date. Balance payments must be made in full no later than 5 days before the hire date unless agreed with us in writing. If no such payment has been received, the hire will be deemed cancelled.
  2. Cancellation charges – If a cancellation is received with less than 48 hours notice a 50% charge is applied. If a cancellation is received with less than 24 hours notice a 100% charge is applied.
  3. Services or items other than vehicles
  1. If cancelled 15 full days or more in advance of the starting date of your hire, the company will only levy such charges as are made by the hotels, ferry operators, restaurants, theatres, etc for cancellation.
  2. If cancelled 14 full days or less in advance of the starting date of your hire, the company will levy the full charge for the services or items which were ordered.
  1. Over running and extra drop offs – The price quoted for your booking will be based on the information you provided at the time of booking. Should a job overrun due to passengers being late returning to the vehicle or other circumstances not the company’s fault then an extra charge of £25.00 per hour depending on the time and distance (worked out in 15 minute blocks rounded up to the nearest 15 minute unit) will be chargeable. Additionally any extra drop offs not pre – booked will be charged at £5.00 – £10.00 per drop off, depending on distance/mileage and time.

The company has the right to increase the price even if a booking is confirmed, due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. dramatic increase in fuel costs.

  1. Your responsibilities as the client – The hirer is held responsible for the conduct of passengers using the company’s vehicles. Damage, misuse, soiling or unreasonable levels of rubbish left on the vehicle will incur additional charges. Following on from this should a person be sick on board our vehicle then we reserve the right to charge a £75.00 cleaning charge.
  2. Driver’s hours – Under British and EEC Law, stringent regulations govern the hours a driver is permitted to undertake in respect to length of duty and driving time, both on a daily and weekly basis.  In addition, the hours of rest a driver must take between duties is specified. We must adhere to these regulations at all times so this may from time to time result in the need for stop off’s en route or changes to your journey.

These laws can affect the way in which your work can be designed to fit your requirements. Some longer duration work can only be undertaken by the provision of 2 drivers. In the case of hires lasting several days it may be necessary for the Company to specify a non – working day, but this would of course be the subject to a discussion with you.

  1. The company’s liability – The company shall not be liable to the hirer for any loss or damage suffered by the hirer in his trade, business or profession in consequence of the death or personal injury to any passenger with whom the hirer has a contract of employment or a contract for services, whether such a death or personal injury be caused by negligence, default or misconduct of the company or their servants or agents or otherwise; provided that nothing in this condition shall exempt the company from liability to the hirer in respect of any claim to which section 29 of the Public Passenger Act 1981 applies.
  2. Conveyance of children – We do not permit the use of three seats for two passengers on any of our vehicles. A responsible adult must accompany all groups of children under the age of 16. We require a ratio of 1 adult for every 25 children of 16 and under. It is the adult’s responsibility to ensure the good behaviour of all children and that seat belts are worn.
  3. Football/sporting events – If your hire is to a football or sports event certain restrictions will apply. Under the Sporting Events (control of alcohol etc) Act of 1985, this places legal responsibility on the hirer. Check with our office for more information.
  4. Baggage allowance – Passengers are each entitled to a baggage allowance of 44lbs (20kgs) which must include all bags, belongings and purchases. This allowance is calculated to permit each person a reasonable amount of luggage without making the coach overweight which would break the law and could involve passengers in considerable delay and inconvenience. Our drivers are authorized to restrict excess luggage to prevent overloading.
  5. Carriage & consumption of beverages – The Company will carry on its vehicles, wines, beers, spirits or other beverages providing prior notice is given to our office. These, as with any other luggage, are carried on the understanding that any loss or breakages shall at all times be at the owner’s risk.
  6. Passenger property – The Company will not accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of property left in a vehicle. Any persons leaving property in a vehicle do so entirely at their own risk.
  7. Outside contractors – All arrangements for hotel accommodation, meals and refreshments and for the use of steamers, vehicles, trains, ferries, aircraft, hovercraft or any other means of conveyance operated by persons or bodies other than the Company as agents for or on behalf of the passenger are made on the express conditions that the Company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of any such arrangement for hotel accommodation, meals and refreshments or in any such steamers, vehicles, trains, ferries, aircraft, hovercraft or any other means of conveyance except that when arrangements are made for the passengers to travel within the United Kingdom on public service vehicles (as defined by the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981) operated by persons or bodies other than the Company, passengers will have no further rights against the Company than if such public service vehicle were the vehicles of the Company.
  8. Severe weather conditions – Cancellation charges are as follows; Snow days at 100% charge for the first 24 hours then a reduction to 75% for any continuing days.
  9. Public and employers liability – Copies of all insurance certificates are available on request.
  10. Parking Charges – Parking charges are the responsibility of the Hirer of Client, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  11. Sub Contractors – Sub Contractors may be used from time to time in the event of a breakdown or accidents beyond our control.
  12. Complaints – Any complaints are to be received in writing within 28 days of the booking date. Our response will be made within 7 days of receiving a complaint, in line with our Company complaints procedure.




T&C last updated July 2011